New Remanufacturing Report Affirms the Importance of Reman for the Economy and Environment

Oct 24, 2018


Remanufacturing Industries Council Director, Nabil Nasr, released a new report on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme's International Resource Panel (IRP), at the second World Circular Economy Forum in Yokahama, Japan on October 23, 2018. The report, Re-defining Value – The Manufacturing Revolution. Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair and Direct Reuse in the Circular Economy, assesses resource efficiency and innovation in the circular economy. 

Nasr worked with a team of researchers to examine the automotive parts, heavy-duty offload machinery and industrial printing equipment sectors. Members of the Remanufacturing Industries Council that represent these sectors participated in the study supporting the report.

The report introduces the overarching term, Value-Retention Processes (VRP), which describes manufacturing processes that retain value within a circular system (versus linear system) - and details the superior benefits of Remanufacturing. 

The report reinforces VRP benefits including cutting industrial waste between 80 and 99 percent; greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 79 to 99 percent; and strengthening existing markets and as well as assisting in identification of new market segments.

This report on Remanufacturing makes recommendations for business leaders to incorporate in their sustainability strategy including:

  • Developing and incorporating VRP standards and practices
  • Adopting an expanded systems-perspective that includes design-for-reman
  • Modifying design priorities to include essential VRP principles (e.g. design for disassembly)
  • Providing transparent and credible information about VRPs and VRP product quality
  • Partnering with other industry members to provide active customer market education and awareness
  • Collaborating with industry members and policy-makers to identify and communicate  key barriers that inhibit VRPs
  • Coordinating with internal stakeholders to facilitate intra- firm resource and knowledge-sharing

The Remanufacturing Industries Council endorses the findings and is pleased that its key priorities of Advocating, Collaborating and Educating are echoed in the report. RIC will actively support these key recommendations as they come under advisement by global policy makers.

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