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RIC R&D Workshop & Facility Tour at Anniston Army Depot

Join the R&D Committee on May 3 in Anniston, Alabama for a facility tour of Anniston Army Depot followed by a remanufacturing workshop at the…  read more →

Remanufacturing Industries Council Adds Breadth and Depth from Industry to Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors Highlights the Cross-industry Nature of the Council United States. February 6, 2019 – Remanufacturing Industries Council…  read more →

Second Annual Global Reman Day Set for April 11, 2019

  April 11, 2019 marks the second annual Reman Day when remanufacturers around the globe will again host students, teachers, community…  read more →

Webinar: Remanufactured and Refurbished Products and Parts – Busting Myths Surrounding their Impact on New Product Sales

Join Chris Cloutier, Director of Sustainability, CoreCentric Solutions for a webinar next week where he talks about the pros and cons of selling…  read more →

T-shirt Design Contest Announced for Global Reman Day

Rochester, New York – The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC), the strategic industry alliance dedicated to accelerating the growth of the…  read more →

WABCO Officially Opens New Headquarters

WABCO’s new American headquarters officially opens today. The $20 million building is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It reflects a new…  read more →

New Remanufacturing Report Affirms the Importance of Reman for the Economy and Environment

  Remanufacturing Industries Council Director, Nabil Nasr, released a new report on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme's…  read more →

REMADE Institute Releases Its Second Call For Projects

REMADE Institute is a consortium of industry, academia and national labs working together on early-stage applied research and development of…  read more →

Winners Announced for the Second Annual Remanufacturing ACE Awards

Three winners were announced on September 19, 2018 for the prestigious Remanufacturing ACE Awards. With over 150 remanufacturers in attendance, the…  read more →

Addressing the weakest links to advance circular supply chains

How to strengthen and grow the circular economy remains an open question. How do we convert supply chains from the current linear, "take, make…  read more →

Announcing Grand Opening of the New America's Factory Outlet Store in Norcross, GA

Grand Opening Extravaganza Includes Raffles, Food and Grand Opening Discounts America's Factory Outlet Store, a value retailer specializing in…  read more →

REMADE Institute Announces First Project Selections

National consortium awards 17 projects totaling $10M aimed at improving competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing The REMADE Institute is proud to…  read more →

America's Remanufacturing Company Announces New Website Launch

  America’s Remanufacturing Company, a reverse logistics and remanufacturing solutions company servicing OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers,…  read more →

Dr. Nabil Nasr Presents IRP Final Report at G7 Summit

RIC member, Dr. Nabil Nasr, Associate Provost and Director of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability, RIT and CEO of REMADE Institute, presented on…  read more →

How Xerox Succeeds in the Circular Economy

Imagine a world where there is no waste. Where a product is made, used as intended, returned at a collection point and then serves as the input for a…  read more →

R&D Workshop & Facility Tour

  The R&D committee of the Remanufacturing Industries Council is pleased to host an ongoing series of reman workshops to highlight best…  read more →

CoreCentric Celebrates Global ReManufacturing Day

CoreCentric Solutions hosted key vendors and celebrated Global ReManufacturing Day with an employee event on April 12th, 2018.  This was one of…  read more →

Caterpillar Recognizes Global Remanufacturing Day

Caterpillar takes a total lifecycle approach to customer value.  The company designs and manufactures products for multiple lives, dealers…  read more →

America's Remanufacturing Company Celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day 2018

America’s Remanufacturing Company, a reverse logistics and remanufacturing solutions company servicing OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers,…  read more →

Remanufacturing Sector Amps Up Effort to Recruit Workers

The remanufacturing sector in Springfield is booming, and that means local employers are looking for qualified workers. "You breathe a second…  read more →