RIC Value Proposition

Our Mission

The RIC is dedicated to supporting the advancement of the remanufacturing industry. We foster cooperation among remanufacturing industries in areas of common interest, promote the use of remanufactured products, and increase public awareness of the contributions remanufacturing provides to the economy and the environment.

Who We Are

The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is a strategic alliance of global businesses, academia, and industry-specific trade associations that impact a diversified range of remanufacturing sectors. Our goal is to support the entire remanufacturing industry through a combination of advocacy, collaboration, and education. RIC members represent the broad sectors of the industry in areas such as HDOR, Automotive, Medical Equipment, Aircraft, Locomotive, Electrical Components, Office Furniture, Advanced and Consumer Electronics and other remanufacturing sectors.

We represent and advance the interests of the entire remanufacturing industry and proactively confront challenges like barriers to trade and the unintentional impacts of regulatory and market constraints. We help educate the public and policymakers about the positive impact the remanufacturing industry has on the environment and the economy. Through collaboration among members, we also collaborate on pre-competitive technology development and sharing of best practices.

The Importance of Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing plays a role in supporting the economy, creates new jobs and provides financial stability while benefiting the environment. For the members of the RIC, sustainability is a core strength of their businesses; they remanufacture returned and discarded materials to create products that are like new – or better – supported by a full warranty.

Why Become an RIC Member?

The remanufacturing industry requires a strategic, strong, and unified voice to make a global impact on the economy and the environment. You can work with us to promote growth in the remanufacturing industry and influence government policy to minimize barriers in the U.S. and foreign markets. You will benefit from initiatives related to advanced technology, information sharing, networking, workforce development, and being involved. In return, you’ll network with RIC members to discuss the challenges and opportunities we share and play a leadership role in ensuring that your business and the entire remanufacturing industry reach their full potential.