Benefits of Membership

Membership in RIC brings with it valuable business opportunities and information, including meetings and networking venues, collaboration on research and advocacy, as well as the opportunity to play a leadership role in ensuring that your business and the entire remanufacturing industry grows to reach its full potential.

RIC’s leadership has the experience and reputation globally in the remanufacturing industry to successfully advocate for the industry, and all members are encouraged to take an active leadership role. RIC believes that the key to advocacy success lies in the efforts of all to bring the following three factors together:

(1) Educating consumers, OEM’s, distributors and government officials on the positive impact that the remanufacturing industry has on the environment and the economy through its process and products.

(2) Collaboration among RIC’s members creates valuable networking opportunities and industry forums for the sharing of information on developments in remanufacturing technologies and industry best practices to help ensure that the entire remanufacturing industry reaches its full potential.

(3) Advocacy for all remanufacturing industry sectors by creating the critical mass necessary to give RIC members a “seat at the table,” in order to inform and institute changes in regulations, shape governmental policy, lobby to drive more global trade and to create a global market for remanufactured goods.


RIC’s collaboration across all remanufacturing industry sectors provides members an opportunity to identify their different core strengths and overcome their common obstacles by sharing industry best practices and creating standards that will benefit the industry. This collaboration will fuel a culture change that is needed to make remanufacturing a first consideration for regulators, consumers and manufacturers that are considering entry into remanufacturing. Collaboration encourages shared learning, new thinking, and innovative approaches to process improvements and customer satisfaction. 


RIC’s mission is to educate all constituents of the benefits and value of the remanufacturing industry in job creation, lower cost of production, waste reduction, and market creation. Through our education initiatives, we create a greater awareness and acceptance of remanufactured products with the goal of eliminating common barriers and growing the remanufacturing industry. RIC’s unique membership of industry leaders facilitates research and development, conferences, workshops, and webinars and serves as a forum for industry information, both domestic and global.

Inform Policy

RIC's mission is to represent the interest of its members to inform regulatory policy and reduce or eliminate barriers to improve acceptance and recognition of remanufactured products. A major step in this direction is the acceptance of the remanufacturing ANSI Standard, which provides a standardized process and definition for “remanufactured” to increase regulatory and consumer confidence in the quality of a remanufactured product.

Unified Voice

As a diverse and cohesive group, RIC speaks on behalf of the many different remanufacturing industry sectors. This is evident through the Remanufacturing Association Alliance in which RIC has partnered with a number of sector associations. This unified voice articulates the industry's needs and impacts.  By educating consumers, policy makers, and regulators, RIC can advance the vision for understanding remanufacturing as a key economic driver for the future for wealth and job creation and a means to economic and environmental sustainability.

Better Profits

There is no denying that a remanufacturing company or division is the new, best profit center. Consumers can now buy products that are from 50%-75% of retail and the cost of putting that product up for sale after remanufacturing can range from 40-60% of producing new. Additionally, remanufacturing reduces the need for the escalating cost and scarcity of raw materials. This benefits your customer, your company, and the environment. Through your membership in RIC, you’ll learn from our leaders in remanufacturing, the many ways you can maximize your profits and reduce landfill and disposal costs. 

Eliminating Barriers

The growing demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible processes and products is not without barriers. RIC, through its membership of industry leaders working together, confronts these barriers.  As challenges turn to opportunities, RIC works to reduce and eliminate constraints through educating and sharing of best practices, such as at the annual RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference, and advocating for policy and regulatory change through initiatives such as the remanufacturing ANSI Standard.