RIC’s leadership has the experience and reputation globally in the remanufacturing industry to successfully advocate for the industry, and we encourage all members to take an active leadership role. RIC believes that the key to advocacy success lies in the efforts of all to bring the following three factors together:

(1) Educating consumers, OEM’s, distributors and government officials on the positive impact that the remanufacturing industry has on the environment and the economy through its process and products.

(2) Collaboration among RIC’s members creates valuable networking opportunities and industry forums for the sharing of information on developments in remanufacturing technologies and industry best practices to help ensure that the entire remanufacturing industry reaches its full potential.

(3) Advocacy for all remanufacturing industry sectors by creating the critical mass necessary to give RIC members a “seat at the table,” in order to influence and institute changes in regulations, shape governmental policy, lobby to drive more global trade and create a global market for remanufactured goods.