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Annual membership dues are based upon the annual revenue from remanufacturing operations in your organization as described in the application form. Please complete and submit the application form below. If you have any questions, please contact RIC’s Business Manager at

Company Information

Remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, worn, or non-functional product or part is returned to a "like-new" or "better-than-new" condition, from both a quality and performance perspective.

What proportion of your buisness is associated with remanufacturing, as defined above? *

Membership Categories

Please select the membership option that is appropriate for your company, based on the applicable category of membership and your company's annual revenues from remanufacturing operations (for full membership) or associated with remanufacturing (for associate memberships). The annual dues follows the ... for each membership option.

Full Membership

Full membership is intended for companies that remanufacture equipment or parts. Full members are entitled to voting rights.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is intended for companies that do not meet the eligibility requirements for Full Membership. Associate Members may be customers of companies that remanufacture products or components, or providers of products or services to support th

Friends of the Industry Membership

Friends of the Industry membership is intended for strategic supporting organizations, such as academic institutions and liasons to affiliated remanufacturing industry associations.

Dues will be invoiced. Please provide the following information.

Company Contacts

Membership Contacts

Please provide the contact information for the company executives to be designated as your company's Member Representative and Alternate Member Representative. RIC strongly recommends assigning this honor and responsiblity to top-level executives in your organization. The designated represenatives will be the primary and secondary contacts, respectively, for engaging your company with RIC and keeping membership current.

Officers and Executives

In order for your company to receive the maximum benefit from your membership, we suggest that you complete as many of the fields below as possible. The privacy of your information is important to RIC. We will only use this contact information to address special interest activities and services to the appropriate individual within your organization. The contacts that you provide will be added to our newsletter distribution list.

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RIC Committees

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References and Acknowledgements

Please list three key customers for your remanufactured products or support services that RIC can contact for references.

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  • RIC's Executive Committee will review your application. Unanimous approval of the Executive Committee is required to accept your membership.
  • If your membership is accepted, you will be sent an invoice for annual dues which must be paid to initiate the membership.
  • Your membership will run for one year from the date that your payment is received.
  • Membership will be renewed automatically at the end of each membership period unless you submit a cancellation request in writing at least 30 days prior to your renewal date.
  • Membership may be terminated if payment is more than 60 days past due.

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