Custom Training Opportunities


RIT’s Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery is the one source for connecting and advancing all aspects of the world’s remanufacturing communities: R&D, engineering, manufacturing, service providers, and end users. Regardless of the application – transportation, aerospace, marine, energy, construction, infrastructure or medical, the Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery is committed to providing you with access to quality education and events. The catalog of programs is always evolving, with an emphasis on real-life applications. 

Working with you, the team at the Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery will match your company’s unique requirements with the most effective combination of RIT’s resources and expertise and the right mix of instruction, lab, and hands-on training. Customized training programs are flexible so you determine the time and place that work for you. For more information, contact

 Consider the following topics


3D Printing Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing
 3D Scanning  Multi-criteria Sustainable Systems Analysis
 Calculating the True Cost of Cleaning  Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE)
 Design for Remanufacturing  Part Separation/Part Aanalysis
 Economics of Sustainability  Process Optimization
 End-of-Life Processes  Product End-of-Life Management
 ISO Carbon Footprint Calculation  Quality System Development
 Lean Remanufacturing Deployment  Reverse Engineering for Remanufacturing
 Lean Remanufacturing Overview  Sustainability Metrics
 Lean Six Sigma  Sustainable Design
 Life-Cycle Analysis/Life-Cycle Engineering  Sustainable Manufacturing
 Material Restoration  Warranty Analysis
 Material Selection/Substitution