Carlyle Compressor (Carrier Corporation)

Carlyle Compressor (Carrier Corporation)


1201 Kinne Street
Building TR-4
Syracuse, NY 13221


Carlyle is a world leader in compressor technology.  Our products can be found around the world – from the first nuclear sub to your grocer's freezer.  That's because when it comes to refrigeration and air conditioning, Carlyle builds the world's most reliable compressors.  For over 80 years, Carlyle has led the development of compressors. We have applied our technological capabilities to bring to market compressors that use environmentally safe refrigerants while still meeting the need for reliable, efficient operation.  We're committed to providing the most that a compressor can possibly provide - high efficiency, low operating costs, flexible capacity modulation technologies, and Carlyle's world-famous reliability.

Our culture is rooted in the core values of our parent company, United Technologies - Climate, Controls & Security.  These values are the pillars of our business.  They define who we are and guide every decision we make.

QUALITY.  Quality is the common denominator of all we do.

PERFORMANCE.  Our customers have a choice, and how we perform determines whether they choose us.

RESPONSIBILITY.  Successful businesses improve the human condition.  We are environmentally responsible and drive to sustainability.

INNOVATION.  We are a company of ideas, committed to research and development.

CUSTOMER CARE.  We are committed to excellence in customer satisfaction.

EMPLOYEE OPPORTUNITY.  We value diversity in individuals and cultures, and seek and share ideas openly.

Our state-of-the-art factory sets the standard for compressor manufacturing, winning recognition from IndustryWeek magazine as one of the 10 best manufacturing plants in North America.  Here, our skilled men and women use sophisticated technology, experience and rigid testing to develop the world’s most reliable compressors.  Located just outside of Atlanta’s perimeter in the city of Stone Mountain, Carlyle manufactures and remanufactures a variety of reciprocating and screw compressors.

Carlyle Compressor
Carlyle Compressor