UK Report Supports Remanufacturing

by Derek Guest

Source: Policy Connect

April 7, 2014

New APSRG report calls for Government to back 'March of the (Re-)Makers'

The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group has launched its newest report: 'Remanufacturing: Towards a resource efficient economy'. Chaired by former Environment Secretary, the report warns that the UK is failing to capitalize on huge potential economic and environmental advantages presented by improved remanufacturing standards and practices.

The publication calls on government to take urgent steps to improve UK remanufacturing, including the adoption of an agreed definition, the setting of key criteria for analyzing remanufacturing potential across different UK industries and the establishment of a government fund to explore currently under-remanufactured industries.

It further calls for the removal of key regulatory barriers preventing remanufacturing uptake, including amendments to its Guidance on the Legal Definition of Waste to distinguish a product that is due to be remanufactured as being exempt from those products considered as waste.

The report highlights two case studies of current best practice in remanufacturing and makes more than half a dozen recommendations designed to ensure the UK maximizes its full economic and environmental potential:

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