Remanufacturing in the Circular Economy

by Derek Guest

Source: Slaters Electrical Ltd

The term 'Circular Economy' has been discussed widely in the media over the last few years. The Ellen MacArthur foundation, a charity set up by the former British sailor in 2010, is dedicated to working with business and education to 'accelerate the transition to a circular economy'. Even The Guardian has a dedicated 'Circular Economy Hub' which focuses solely on the topic.

But what exactly is the Circular Economy?

According to Green Alliance the circular economy;

'captures materials so that today’s goods are remanufactured or reused to become tomorrow’s goods, rather than landfill.'

Continuing to overuse the world's natural resources is going to have a major environmental and economic impact on society. The Government and businesses are now being encouraged to embrace the Circular Economy in order for us to have a much more sustainable and secure economy.

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