'Reman' breathes new life into Hanor's fleet trucks

by Joe Hanneman

Brandon Mortenson had a dilemma. His company’s rapid growth was putting extra pressure on its fleet of high-mileage pickup trucks. He needed a strategy to keep up with demand without breaking the bank.

“What we ran into was we’re hiring and growing so fast that we needed to come up with a solution,” says Mortenson, fleet manager for the Hanor Co., the 12th largest pork producer in the United States. “We’re not comfortable going out and buying used fleet trucks with 100,000 miles on them. You just don’t know what they’ve been through. At least with our fleet, they’re high-mileage, but we know they’ve been well maintained. That’s where ‘reman’ came in.”

“Reman” refers to complete vehicle remanufacturing, an emerging trend in commercial vehicle markets. By diverting some of the aging truck fleet to be remanufactured rather than buying new vehicles, Hanor found that “reman” gave the Oklahoma-based company the same quality as new trucks, but saved more than 40% off the cost. Adoptingremanufacturing has been a game-changer for their nearly 200-unit fleet.

For “reman,” Mortenson turned to Vehicle Reman LLC of Tyler, Texas, the nation’s only company dedicated to remanufacturing commercial Class 1-5 trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles and specialty vehicles. Vehicle Reman took an initial Ford F-150, F-550 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 from Hanor’s fleet and put them through a comprehensive 10-step remanufacturing process at its 60,000-square-foot Texas facility. The F-150 was 3-years-old with 194,000 miles; the F-550 was 9-years-old with 120,000 miles. Hanor got back two same-as-new trucks with three-year unlimited mileage powertrain warranties. The savings: about $50,000.

During the “reman” process, Hanor’s trucks were disassembled down to the frames and all systems inspected for wear, damage and defects. Wherever needed, same-as-new remanufactured components and systems were installed, including a new Ford gasoline engine for the F-150, a “reman” Ford Power Stroke diesel engine for the F-550 and a “reman” engine, transfer case and transmission for the Silverado. All remanufactured parts and components are certified to the original manufacturer’s specifications. The F-550 needed body work and the flatbed was brought back to like-new condition from very rough shape.

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