Nextant Aerospace: The Poster Child of Aerospace Remanufacturing

by Derek Guest

Source: Duxes Reman Industry Focus Newsletter

Aerospace remanufacturing has been prevalent within the reman industry for many years. It commonly takes place in the form of maintenance. The majority of airlines, including companies such as Lufthansa and KLM, remanufacture their own components to a higher standard than their original condition; they do this to keep costs down and comply with various safety regulations.

Until now, no company has labeled itself as an out and out aerospace remanufacturer. Nextant Aerospace is the first company to remanufacture an entire airplane. It remanufactures jets, predominantly for the business jet market, and is the first aerospace company to join the Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC). They recently began selling their aircraft in the flourishing Chinese aerospace market.

To read a transcript of the interview, please use the following link – Nextant-Duxes-Interview.pdf

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