Nextant Aerospace honored by Aviation Week Laureate Award

by Derek Guest

Source: PRNewswire

Nextant Aerospace ("Nextant"), a Directional Aviation Capital company, maker of the Nextant 400XTi – the world's only remanufactured business jet – and the forthcoming Nextant G90XT turboprop, today announced that they have been awarded the Aviation Week Laureate Award.

The prestigious Aviation Week Laureate Awards are the benchmark of industry excellence, recognizing pre-eminence in aerospace achievement. In the hotly-contested Business Aviation category, Nextant was in distinguished company alongside several famous industry names and earned the award for its success in aircraft remanufacturing. In just seven years Cleveland-based Nextant has taken remanufacturing from obscurity to its current status as a market game-changer, delivering aircraft that match or exceed the performance, comfort and operating costs of new-build models but for just half the purchase price.

Remanufacturing is recognized as key to the future sustainability of business aviation in an increasingly resource-conscious climate. Nextant's worldwide sales and after-sales success are proof that customers value the clear economic advantages of its products, especially for fleet replacement and renewal.

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