MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Launches New Series on Sustainable Progress – Highlighting Remanufacturing

by Derek Guest

Source: TVbytheNumbers

MSNBC today announced a special, cross-platform initiative to bring deeper focus to a set of pressing global issues – and the innovative people and groups working to create change. The new editorial venture on sustainable progress, sponsored by Caterpillar, will debut today on "Morning Joe."

The first in a series of three themed-weeks will focus on sustainability. Throughout the week of December 1, "Morning Joe" will take a close look at companies that are remanufacturing machines and materials for both ecological and economic gain, powered by "remanufacturing knowledge hubs" in towns like Rochester, New York. The series will also look at North American Coal's award-winning land reclamation project in North Dakota, which restores mined land to its pre-mining levels of environmental quality and productivity. The week will conclude with a report on the need for technical job skills training for workers, and how that impacts America's competitiveness in manufacturing.

The second theme week will focus on sustainable communities and how policy issues – like promoting trade and social innovation – can raise the standard of living and competitiveness of cities and towns around the world. Energy access will be the focus of the third week because 18% of the global population lacks access to electricity and 38% don’t even have clean cooking facilities. All of the special reports will air on "Morning Joe."

"Caterpillar and MSNBC are collaborating on a special series of segments to air on Morning Joe that will highlight our common values, promote our commitment to social innovation and share the unique stories of individuals and groups who are working to affect change," said Stu Levenick, Caterpillar group president with responsibility for Customer & Dealer Support. "The world's resources support seven billion people today, and will need to support nine billion by 2050. Demand for resources and infrastructure will increase; energy demand is expected to double between now and 2050. Already, nearly one billion people in the world today lack access to clean water. Meeting these needs, while supporting economic growth and preserving the environment will remain absolutely necessary. Progress doesn't have to be at the expense of profit or the environment – Caterpillar and many other like-minded companies are enabling sustainable sustainable economic growth while best serving our planet and its people. I believe that’s a message that will resonate with the MSNBC audience."

To view the first program in the series, follow this LINK.

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