Extending Vehicle Life

by Derek Guest

Source: MRW

Biffa Municipal has handed over four of its waste collection vehicles to Refuse Vehicle Solutions to be remanufactured.

David Maidman, operations director at Biffa Municipal, said: "Extending the life of some of our existing assets is an attractive and cost-effective solution.

"We knew the chassis of these vehicles had been well maintained so it was just the bodies and bin lifts that required work. Also, remanufacturing our vehicles and enabling them to operate for another five to seven years fits well with our own green agenda."

Maidman added: "The stand­ard of workmanship and remanufacturing process puts these vehicles in a different class. You can easily compare them with brand new vehicles. With vehicles of this quality, remanufacturing no longer has the stigma that it had years ago."

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