Explaining the World of Remanufactured Parts

by Derek Guest

Source: Trucking Info

Remanufactured parts are a $7 billion business at retail, which has been growing slowly over the past 30 years as fleets look for reliable, cost-effective alternatives to buying new.

"We see the numbers creeping up a little bit each year," says Betsy Ballard, director of product development and growth, Detroit Remanufacturing. "It is getting more acceptable to customers. It is a growth industry, and we had our biggest year ever last year."

But even with this growth, there are some misperceptions about what remanufacturing means and about the quality of reman parts.

Remanufacturers are quick to point out the distinction between remanufacturing and rebuilding.

"There is a misconception that reman is considered a used product or rebuilt one," says Matt Colwell, business development and strategy manager, Global Aftermarket, Eaton. It isn't. "When you have a rebuilt product, you may not disassemble the product; you may just be treating the symptom of a particular failure as opposed to really going through to find the root cause of the problem and fixing that," he says.

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