European Commission launches remanufacturing network

by Derek Guest

Source: MRW

The European Commission has launched a €1.5m (£1.1m) [$1.64m] project to boost remanufacturing activities throughout Europe.

The European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) intends to encourage new businesses to take up remanufacturing, help existing remanufacturers improve their operations, improve competitiveness of remanufacturers domestically and internationally, and increase awareness.

Project director Nick Morley told MRW: "One of the things that is really lacking in remanufacturing is any information or knowledge about the sector.

"We are gathering baseline data to show how much remanufacturing takes place in Europe, how it varies between sectors and what barriers there are to prevent faster growth.

"The data will be made available to enable people to judge the significance of the sector.

"The project aims to help UK manufacturers with eco-design of products, which will assist remanufacturing.

"We are particularly interested in how we can change policies to enable more and better remanufacturing to take place."

The project aims to develop a European Remanufacturing Council (ERC) to provide a unified voice for remanufacturers to European policymakers. Its shape and scope will be defined throughout the project with the aim to launch in 2016.

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