EC Calls for Reuse and Remanufacturing Ideas

by Derek Guest

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The European Commission has launched a €143-million (£112-million) [$183.5 million] call for research projects that investigate reuse and remanufacturing, in a bid to develop the 'factories of the future'.

EC calls for reuse and remanufacturing ideas
The Research & Innovation project, 'Factories of the Future', seeks to explore 'reuse and remanufacturing technologies and equipment for sustainable product lifecycle management' to reduce the EU's environmental footprint and increase resource efficiency.

'Saving time, money, energy, and resources'
The call has been launched as the EC believes that to increase the competitiveness of EU industry and reduce its environmental footprint, manufacturing industries should 'develop innovative technologies and approaches to manufacture added-value products with fewer resources' and 'ensure a sustainable product lifecycle based on reuse and remanufacturing methods and technologies'.

It highlights that technological products, such as electronics, medical devices and energy and transport devices are currently made of 'advanced materials' (such as nanomaterials) that are, at present, poorly recovered and reused.

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