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Isuzu Unveils Replacement Engine Option

When a truck engine has done its work and is getting tired, often it’s just a better idea to replace it, rather than continue to try and…  read more →

The Evolution and Benefits of Reman Engines

These days, there are even more advantages to purchasing reconditioned/remanufactured engines than there have been in the past. According to Stanford…  read more →

Jasper Engines, Now 75, is Still Growing

Three-quarters of a century ago, after having been advised against bringing a Ford dealership to Jasper, Ruxer founded the Jasper Engines Exchange in…  read more →

Supreme Court Decision Allows Resale of Used Ink Cartridges Despite Patent Holder Restriction

A patent holder that restricts the reuse or resale of its printer ink cartridges can’t invoke patent law against a remanufacturing company that…  read more →

Nextant Launches Pro Line Fusion for Challenger 604 Aircraft

Nextant Aerospace, known for its 400XTi Beechjet and G90XT King Air remanufacturing projects, has branched out into the large-cabin market. At a press…  read more →

50 years for Winnipeg’s Autoline

Autoline Products in Winnipeg is celebrating its 50th anniversary. In the early 1960s, a group of individuals worked the remanufacturing and…  read more →

Engine Rebuilding and Remanufacturing Market Research Report Now Available at Research Corridor

Research Corridor has published a new research study titled “Engine Rebuilding and Remanufacturing Market – Growth, Share, Opportunities,…  read more →

Boeing Receives Apache Remanufacturing Contract for Britain

Boeing was awarded a $488 million contract remanufacturing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters for the Britain, the Department of Defense announced…  read more →

Dutch Court Rules Apple May Not Use Remanufactured iPads for Warranty Replacements

A new ruling by a judge in the Subdistrict Court of Amsterdam has mandated that Apple can not replace a broken iPad unit with a "remanufactured"…  read more →

University of Utah Joins Dept. of Energy Project to Increase Sustainable Manufacturing

This year the University of Utah teamed up with other leading research universities and companies under the United States Department of Energy to…  read more →

Turning Waste Streams into Value Streams

The first era of sustainability, call it sustainability 1.0, focused on cleaning up the planet’s growing environmental mess. Federal legislation…  read more →

Manitou Americas Partners with Yanmar to Offer Remanufactured Engines for Gehl and Mustang Brands

Manitou Americas, Inc. has partnered with YANMAR to offer remanufactured (REMAN) engines under the XPRT Genuine Parts brand name. Remanufactured…  read more →

Reman Parts Offer Cost Savings and Dependability

Remanufacturing engines includes being in compliances with evolving emissions regulations. “The emission guidelines we follow,” begins…  read more →

How Remanufacturing Can Reduce Material, Labor Costs Across Industries

Manufacturers can save on materials and labor by designing multiple lifecycles into their products — thus enabling remanufacturing, or the…  read more →

Old is the New New

UC Santa Barbara has joined a federally funded consortium aimed at keeping U.S. manufacturing competitive and clean through more efficient recycling,…  read more →

IronDirect launches truck remanufacturing service with Vehicle Reman partnership

IronDirect, the online seller primarily known as a sales platform for Chinese-made heavy equipment, has partnered with Tyler, Texas-based Vehicle…  read more →

Automotive Parts Remanufacturing in Europe Will Bring in US$ 21.4 Bn by 2024-end, PMR Forecast

European Council's stringent laws will continue curbing the rate at which worn-out car parts are discarded and dumped in the environment. Measures as…  read more →

Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market Set to Surge Significantly During 2016-2024

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators and governing factors…  read more →

Breaking News: Groundbreaking Remanufacturing ANSI Standard Approved

  BREAKING NEWS American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approves groundbreaking remanufacturing standard. Contact Us  read more →

Old Parts, New Value

There is a bright spot developing at a time when farmers are dipping into cash reserves to meet operational demands, commodity pricing is low and the…  read more →