Dutch Court Rules Apple May Not Use Remanufactured iPads for Warranty Replacements

A new ruling by a judge in the Subdistrict Court of Amsterdam has mandated that Apple can not replace a broken iPad unit with a "remanufactured"…  read more →

University of Utah Joins Dept. of Energy Project to Increase Sustainable Manufacturing

This year the University of Utah teamed up with other leading research universities and companies under the United States Department of Energy to…  read more →

Turning Waste Streams into Value Streams

The first era of sustainability, call it sustainability 1.0, focused on cleaning up the planet’s growing environmental mess. Federal legislation…  read more →

Manitou Americas Partners with Yanmar to Offer Remanufactured Engines for Gehl and Mustang Brands

Manitou Americas, Inc. has partnered with YANMAR to offer remanufactured (REMAN) engines under the XPRT Genuine Parts brand name. Remanufactured…  read more →