20 m litres of leftover paint: UK MPs call on government to support solutions

On Tuesday in Parliament, MPs had a lively debate surrounding how to create a circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK. Sponsored by…  read more →

Closing the Loop on the Circular Economy

Remanufacturing (or "reman") is a truly closed-loop industrial process that intentionally recaptures the value-added component of a product so that it…  read more →

Inside the Meritor Remanufacturing Process

Each Meritor remanufactured product is completely remanufactured—not rebuilt—and restored to the same high quality performance standards…  read more →

Big R/ReMaTecUSA Sees Strong Turnout For Networking And Business Development Opportunities

The 2016 Big R/ReMaTecUSA Show, the largest remanufacturing event in North America, was held Oct. 29-30 in Las Vegas, in conjunction with Automotive…  read more →

Torque Capital, Investor Group Has Acquired the North American and European Light Vehicle Aftermarket Business of Remy, Inc. from BorgWarner Inc.

Torque Capital announced today that its investor group has completed the purchase of the North American and European light vehicle aftermarket…  read more →

PurePower Technologies® Expands Turbocharger Product Line

PurePower Technologies® (PPT), a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of new and remanufactured fuel injectors and turbochargers for OEMs…  read more →